Friday, March 11, 2011

Sailing podcasts and Furled Sails

"This is www dot furledsails dot com..." thus begins another excellent podcast by Noel and Christy. Together they have interviewed in their relaxed and informal way many interesting sailors from gunkholers and kayakers, through to world voyagers like the Pardys and yacht designers like Phil Bolger and Ted Brewer. Definately well worth a listen too. On the far right side of their page is an index to their podcasts, and after two years of sporadic listening I still haven't even got close to listening to all of them.

They are about 20-30 megabytes each and run for about an hour or so, just long enough to while away a boring flight or Bus trip. I download them free from the iphone itunes store, just search for "Furledsails" and you should be sorted for that next flight... Only problem is I don't have any space left on my crappy old iphone, so I have to delete the old ones before I load any new ones...

I'm sure it's just as easy from any other type of smartphone (which I may well get when my old dinosaur 3G  finally dies) but I don't know how its done. If anybody has an opinion on the best type of phone to replace my old 8 meg 3g iphone you can put something in the comments or email me.

I am considering donating to Noel and Christy - Given the amont of enjoyment they have provided me over the last few years it would be nice to reciprocate. They are the only ones I know doing this, but if any of you know of any more good sailing podcasts please let me know... and thanks again Noel and Christy, you've done a great job.



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