My father has been busy writing a few books, one of them about our trip to Antarctica. And another kids book similar Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons" and set down here in Tasmania.

There is also lots of stuff on his website about us as kids on New Zealand Maid, all slightly embarrassing. But that's what parents are for aren't they.

"Snow Petrel" is available as a hard cover, and "Those Snake Island kids" in paperback.
Both are also available in most Ebook formats. You can download them from all the usual sources, but as soon as the 'old man' works out how to do the paypal thing on his site you should be able to get them direct from Here.

Matts Video is now available from boat books here as are both books


  1. Both great books and so is the DVD .Will make great Christmas presents

  2. You are heavily biased mum.. stop your shameless promoting! or I will be forced to ban you.