Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Petrel, an introduction

Snow Petrel in very open ice

Snow Petrel is a 34 foot (10.15m) steel yacht that has been my home and transport for a few years. She is strong and simple, the two of the most important qualities in any offshore boat.

She has taken me south from Tasmania to Antarctica and may be the smallest boat to sail to East Antarctica (the bit that doesn't include the antarctic peninsular).  
See the videos page.

I have sailed ever since I can remember, starting on my grandparents 34 foot ketch and then sailing my parents 45 foot gaff ketch. I Raced dingys as a kid and then did some some offshore racing. 
NZ Maid, My parents Herreshoff Mobjack
I went to sea as a navigating cadet when I was 17, sailing (steaming..?) around the world on  P&O container ships for 6 years, and getting my chief mates ticket.
Needing a change I jumped onto a square rigger as mate for two seasons around the pacific... A lovely ship. Soren Larsen

After sailing my 26 foot Warsash one Design (something like a Folkboat) across the Tasman singlehanded I have now settled in Tasmania. Since then I have done a lot of yacht deliveries across the Tasman and around Aussie, sailed to South America, and run an old open 60 charter boat on the Antarctic Peninsular, and more or less rebuilt Snow petrel (a never ending job, still not complete). See Snowpetrel The boring details for more information on the her.

Soren Larsen
I will try to put up the odd post now and then, hopefully my writing style will improve with practice, please forgive any grammatical and spelling mistakes, writing is not a strong point...

Also be aware that there are many ways to sail an ocean, many ways to set up an ocean going boat and many valid opinions, I tend towards the crude and cheap options, but understand that those with better budgets may prefer other solutions. I also try not to get to set in my ways and always reserve the right to change my opinions without notice... Keep an open mind.

Fair winds

Ben Tucker


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  3. Hi Ben. Love your blog. I'd love to catch up with John and Barbara. Find me on Facebook. Paul Restall or email