Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wooden Boat Show = Yachty Heaven

The star of the show for me... A simple two part dingy..
I feel like I am back at school, having to ask for an extension again... so here goes, Storm Tactics 2 is still not ready for posting, It is however sitting somewhere in a dusty server awaiting a few tweaks before being revealed to the world.... At least I have a better excuse than I normally manage, (although I honestly did have a pet possum wee on my school assignment once...).

My excuse is the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, And what sailor can resist acres of gleaming varnish, and polished brass, and more enticingly the chance to sit round drinking beer and discussing boats day and night. This year is the biggest ever, and it was also free, so truly it is a slice of Fiddlers Green,  and right on my doorstep every two years.

Anyway in typical Ben Tucker style, (or rather with the absence of any...) I found the acres of varnish  bought back painful memories of scraping and sanding my way around the pacific on the Brigantine Soren Larsen. And I missed the quirky solid little cruising boats that I normally admire. But I did spot this great looking two part dingy with a sailing rig... And I also saw a Farrier Tri with a little aft cabin much like I would like to put on snow petrel one day...

Anyway a big thank you to all who entered their boats, to the organisers and to the sponsors, and finally to the buses for being free this weekend (A good start in an oil constrained world). If you ever get the chance to get down to Tassie, try to time it to catch this event.


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  1. No quirky solid little cruising boats? The crew of ERIK is miffed, yes, miffed I say!