Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Petrel... The boring details

A few keen observant and possibly quite bored people have noticed the extra page added to the blog.. well done! It's next to the videos page on the top of my latest rambling blog if you aren't one of those observant ones..  I kind of slipped it up there to see what would happen. I wrote this a few years ago to go in the back of a book my old man was writing, Its incomplete, caustic and a few things have changed since then, but if you have nothing more important to do, and are curious it is up there... I plan to slowly add stuff to it, but may well not get around to doing so, maybe this blog is my attempt to add to it... Any comments on the page can be posted here.




  1. Very very interesting reading. And helpful. Ted Sherrin.

  2. Hello my name is henry I have just purchased WOD 30 in Tenerife and would very much like to talk to you more about the modifications you made, please private message me at all the very best :)